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Stephen Crosby Attends Private Party at Suffolk Downs

Stephen Crosby Attends Private Party at Suffolk Downs

Last Saturday, the owners of Suffolk Downs, an East Boston race track, threw a private party to celebrate the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby as well as the opening day at Suffolk Downs.

Stephen Crosby Attends Private Party at Suffolk Downs

The Massachusetts gambling official, Stephen J. Crosby, recently attended a private party last Saturday at Suffolk Downs.

While many politicians, lobbyists and the Mayor of Revere attended the event in the Topsider Room, the big surprise came when the state’s top gambling regulator, Stephen Crosby attended this event too.

Now you might be wondering what the big fuss is all about, but Crosby is in fact one of the five public officers who is responsible for deciding if a gambling license will be approved which will allow a casino at Suffolk Downs.

According to former Massachusetts Inspector General Gregory Sullivan, Crosby’s attendance at the event was inappropriate.

However Mayor Daniel Rizzo, who strongly supports the establishment of the casino at Suffolk Downs, felt that Crosby’s presence was justified since he is a chairman of the gambling commission which is also responsible for overseeing racing in Massachusetts.

To date, the gambling commission has been known to be very strict in maintaining ethical standards and in ensuring proper behavior from casino officials.

Caesars Entertainment, whose Suffolk Downs proposal was turned down, has now accused Crosby of being biased in a federal lawsuit. Caesars feels that Crosby should have disclosed his close relationship with one of the owners of Wynn Resorts, Paul Lohnes, who is also competing for approval on a project in Everett.

According to Suffolk Downs, if the casino license is not approved, the track will be forced to close. They also confirmed that Crosby paid $400 for himself and other family and friends who attended the party with him.

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