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Grand Theft Auto Online V DLC Update Due Next Week

Grand Theft Auto Online V DLC Update Due Next Week

On the weekend, Rockstar games released more information on its High Life DLC that is set to be released during this month and that Heists will be released later in the year around spring time.

Grand Theft Auto Online V DLC Update Due Next Week

Rockstar Games announces the release of High Life pack release for GTA V DLC.

Players will be able to beef up their bank balance and notoriety this weekend in Grand Theft Auto Online. There will be new apartments, amenities and more fancy cars in the High Life update.

The update will also allow for multi-property ownership. This means that you can own two distinct properties each with garages as the same time. Players can also strut their stuff in Los Santos with fancy apartments.

Other additions will be a powerful Bullpup rifle, a new wardrobe and a Dinka Thrust motorcycle as well as three more, high-end cars including the Pegassi Zentorno.

The new Mental State player statistic will let you see how passive or psychotic your fellow players are. There are also plenty of new Jobs too.

The Heists DLC set for release later in the year will let you team up with Crew members as well as other mercenaries to pull off a heist together for greater glory and profits. This is sure to be a hit with GTA online players.

According to the Rockstar Newswire, “All jobs and activities in ‘GTA Online’ will earn you twice as much GTA$ and RP, including Races, Deathmatch & Team Deathmatch, Capture, Last Team Standing, Survival, Missions, Parachuting, Gang Attacks, Hold Ups” and more.

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