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Marvel’s Avengers Set to Grace SuperCasino

Marvel’s Avengers Set to Grace SuperCasino

SuperCasino, one of the most popular online TV casinos in the world, has said it is eagerly looking forward to the release of the next film in the Avengers series which is set for 2015.

Age of Ultron is currently in production and stars amongst others Robert Downey Jr. The first film saw the Avengers fight against the odds in a battle set in the skies of New York. It was so successful that it resulted in a return of Iron Man, Thor and Captain America to the big screen.

In a statement SuperCasino said, “We love the Avengers and the interconnectivity of all the characters and their films. There is something about this collection of heroes that don’t quite bond; it is an imperfect union in which they are forced to battle against the odds. The thrill of watching the films is just excellent.”

The next film is set to be released on May 1st, 2015. However, fans who feel like that is too long to wait will be pleased to hear that SuperCasino has teamed up with “Marvel and Playtech so that you can play a great Avengers game on, which can help you with your withdrawal symptoms before the Avengers re-emerge early next summer.”

OCA News Editor