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Casino Mogul Caught in Fistfight With Childhood Friend

Casino Mogul Caught in Fistfight With Childhood Friend

The Australian gambling mogul James Packer decided to settle a dispute with his childhood friend David Gyngell, a media kingpin, by fighting it out on the streets of Sydney.

Packer, worth $6.4 billion, traded blows earlier this week with Gyngell outside Packer’s home. The two men were reportedly fighting over a Nine Network News TV truck that had parked near Packer’s home. Gyngell is the CEO of Nine Network News and apparently Packer sent him a text message asking him to move the truck.

Gyngell then drove to Packer’s house and waited outside for the billionaire to return home. The two ended up punching and wrestling one another to the ground. In the end they were separated by James Packer’s bodyguards.

The fight was captured on camera by a photographer who was stalking Packer’s home hoping to catch a glimpse of model Miranda Kerr. Around fifty photos were taken which were then sold to News Corp for $200,000.

Some have said that the fight could affect Packer’s chance of receiving a license to operate a casino in Japan. The Japanese government is expected to be extra-sensitive about the reputation of any businesses that it allows into the industry.

The men weren’t hurt in the fight and the two released a statement saying that they have been friends for 35 years and still are.

OCA News Editor