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Watch Out, Skilled Players are Being Banned by Equity Poker Network

Watch Out, Skilled Players are Being Banned by Equity Poker Network

The recent report that Equity Poker Network (EPN) is now banning skilled poker players has caused a big stir in the poker community.

Watch Out, Skilled Players are Being Banned by Equity Poker Network

If you have poker skills, then watch out because Equity Poker Network (EPN) is now banning good poker players.

According to a new member of EPN, ‘Bazuko’, when he tried to login to his account over the weekend at PokerHost, he was surprised to find out that his account had been disabled.

Bazuko did however get a message from PokerHost which had many grammar and spelling mistakes and which clearly stated that after a variety of ‘background checks’ Bazuko’s ‘aggressive play and behavior’ would not be tolerated. The message also stated that the player’s account had been closed and that his funds would be returned.

The interesting part about all of this is that these ‘background checks’ form the basis of EPN. That is, when the network launched in November 2013, they considered their role to be supportive in terms of the members’ rooms.

This means that EPN charges a flat monthly operating fee as opposed to a rev share deal. In order to prevent intra-network poaching, EPN also provides customer revenue streams to the poker room that gets a player first.

On the downside however, EPN is known for charging a ‘Shark/Winners Tax’ which is aimed at encouraging more recreational players to join the members rooms. The reason for this is that recreational players are known to lose which boosts the poker economy whereas pro traders are known for winning which in turn drains this economy.

With the recent developments, it seems that EPN is desperate to stop winning players and the new ban on skilled players makes this quite evident. To top it off, EPN is using PokerHost to deliver the bad news to its ‘skilled’ poker players.

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