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eSports Stadium Construction Underway in China

eSports Stadium Construction Underway in China

Major League Gaming has begun work on the world’s first 15,000 seat stadium dedicated to eSports. The stadium, which is located on Hangqin Island, China, is set to be completed by 2017.

eSports Stadium Construction Underway in China

Major League Gaming is building the world’s first eSports stadium on Hangqin Island.

The stadium is part of a large development called the ‘V-Zone’. It has been dubbed a ‘Creative Culture City’ and is being headed by Lai Fun Holdings and eSun Holdings.

The V-Zone will include areas for developers to demonstrate new games as well as shops and restaurants.

The president of Major League Gaming, Mike Sepso, said, “This development on Hengquin Island is a true stadium and the first of its kind. This is a massive development in one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world.

Additionally, the China gaming market is enormous and the fastest growing on earth. The anticipated launch of the MLG Arena in 2017 will give MLG a very strong foothold in that market but also a marquis travel destination to showcase eSports at the highest level.”

The stadium will be broadcasting its tournaments on and fans will be able to watch live events throughout the year.

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