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CNBC Reality Show ‘Money Talks’ Airs Dark Side of Gambling Industry

CNBC Reality Show ‘Money Talks’ Airs Dark Side of Gambling Industry

There has been much controversy around CNBC’s new reality show “Money Talks”. The show is about a Vegas based sports betting consulting company headed by a man called Steve Stevens.

Huge amount of controversy has surrounded Stevens who is convicted of telemarketing fraud, changed his name and has lied about his criminal past. Furthermore, he is unknown within the industry, lies about his betting win percentage and is mainly on the show just because of his ties to Floyd Mayweather.

However, as entertainment, the show isn’t too bad. The show follows 3 plots per episode, usually one that involves a VIP client in town to win some money, some work or home issues for Steven and an underling having to service a newer client in town.

Still it doesn’t show the betting industry in favorable light. There are many scenes which glamorize sports betting and are full of fancy cars, pretty women, nights out at the bar, private jets etc. etc. These are coupled with scenes of bar fights over lost wagers, chain smoking, binge drinking and irresponsible driving.

While the show is enjoyable, it is essential that those outside the betting community realize that it is in no way an accurate depiction of the gambling world, otherwise gamblers could find themselves facing a greater backlash than before.

OCA News Editor