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New Blackjack Game Goes Live on Facebook

New Blackjack Game Goes Live on Facebook

A new table game has been launched online and it uses blackjack rules to determine the winner. BJX Entertainment has launched BlackJack eXtreme on Facebook as well as for iOS.

The game gives each player the chance to be the dealer; the game has been patented as “Active Dealer Blackjack”. It gives dealers three options that aren’t available in casinos. Dealers choose which card to reveal, can fold bad hands and may hit any soft hand where the Ace is counted as 11.

Players can counter the new powers given to the dealers thanks to some more liberal rules. Players can raise from double up to “all-in”, if the dealer agrees to play the players can then take unlimited hits, including on split Aces.

The game was created by David Thomas and Mark Koetting and was intended to begin life as TV events. However, changes to the rules surrounding advertising in the US lead BJX Entertainment to social network play.

Now the former World Poker Tour CEO Rohin Malhotra has teamed up with BJX to produce a TV show for international broadcast. It is hoped that the televised events will bring the same popularity to blackjack that poker enjoys.

OCA News Editor