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George Wallace Wins $1.3 Million Damages from Bellagio Las Vegas

George Wallace Wins $1.3 Million Damages from Bellagio Las Vegas

Earlier this week a jury in Nevada awarded comedian George Wallace $1.3 million in damages for a leg injury he suffered while performing at the Bellagio Las Vegas casino in 2007. The split decision came after two weeks of testimony and about 12 hours of deliberations.

George Wallace Wins $1.3 Million Damages from Bellagio Las Vegas

The comedian won $1.3 million in damages from the casino for an injury he suffered to his leg while performing there.

While Wallace was seeking at least $7.1 million he said that he was happy with the decision and would be happy to work at the Bellagio again.

However, he was said he was stunned that the Bellagio’s attorney, Paul Haire, had shown the jury a picture that included Wallace’s photo alongside a caricature of a dark-skinned child.

Haire was reportedly deriding as wildly speculative a witness’ estimate that Wallace lost millions of dollars because of the image.

Wallace said that he saw the cartoon image as a “black caricature with a pickaninny haircut. I just thought it was the lowest thing in my career. I’m sorry that I heard it in a courtroom. I’m not sure whether it affected the jury. But it hurt me.” Haire has yet to respond to Wallace’s complaint.

In a 6–2 decision the jury found that the Bellagio should pay $1.2 million to Wallace for lost income, $100,000 for pain and suffering and $8,500 for medical expenses.

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