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Online Casino Comparison Website Launched

Online Casino Comparison Website Launched

Right Casino Media have launched, a casino comparison website aimed to help players find “fun, fair and safe online casino entertainment.”

The director of RCM, Michael Charalambous, has explained that a number of gambling sites are “low-quality, teeming with ads and built with little regard for user experience.” As a result he believes that many people are distrusting of online gambling.

Because of this Charalambous says that RCM has drawn “inspiration from such sectors as travel and insurance, applying their popular comparison model to our industry.”

The website has been designed primarily with usability in mind. Visitors can use a ‘smart casino finder’ which will filter dozens of casinos according to the visitor’s criteria. Visitors can set a number of filters including location, currency, games, bonuses, size of bankroll and the device they wish to play on. The website will then return a list of suggested online casinos.

In order to celebrate the launch of the website are inviting players to ask them anything about gambling. If a player thinks of a question the company cannot answer then they will win £50.

OCA News Editor