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New York Racinos Fooling Video Poker Players

New York Racinos Fooling Video Poker Players

While video poker is considered by many casino visitors as a game which requires an element of skill, it has been claimed that this is not the case at racinos in New York.

Steve Bourie, the author of the 2014 American Casino Guide, said, “All New York racinos, are using bait and switch tactics on their video poker customers by not clearly explaining that the games they offer are not based on skill.”

Bourie went on to say that he thinks racinos are particularly deceptive in the paytables that are displayed on the machines. He explains that as the machines aren’t based on skill the “paytables are irrelevant in New York racinos”. He likened the machines on offer as being more “like playing a scratch-off lottery ticket where players are relying on pure luck in order to win.”

New York racino machines have nothing to warn players that they are embarking on a game of luck and a naive player could easily be fooled into thinking that they are playing a game of skill, just like the video poker games at casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas.

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