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Chris Moneymaker Bags the Hollywood Poker Open St. Louis

Chris Moneymaker Bags the Hollywood Poker Open St. Louis

Chris Moneymaker, well known for winning the World Series of Poker Main Event in 2003, raced to a sterling win in the Hollywood Poker Open St. Louis Regional Championship. Moneymaker, in a heads-up match, took out Frank Wyville to nab the $36,295 first prize.

The Team Pokerstars Pro first sent Damjan Radanov packing after pulling a two pair against Radanov’s aces. Moneymaker then went on to eliminate Mark Fledderman who was holding a pair of queens with his pair of aces.

The next victim of Moneymaker was Todd Metheny followed by Jovan Sudar and then Basham eliminated Shabtai after which who Moneymaker sent packing in fifth place bringing the field down to four.

After dinner, Moneymaker took out Bartlett who was holding aces by pulling a 10 on the river to give him a straight. At this point, Moneymaker was holding 80 percent of the chips giving Basham and Wyville little to work with. Basham kept fighting but stood little chance against Moneymaker and then there were two left.

The final hand saw Moneymaker call with his king and five against Wyville’s five and four giving Moneymaker the victory he was looking for.

HPO Director, Bill Bruce commented that it is fantastic to have Chris on board with the HPO brand and it is a pleasure to have someone who takes his role seriously promoting the stops and committing to play on the Regionals.

OCA News Editor