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Play Big Fish Online Games With Bitcoins

Play Big Fish Online Games With Bitcoins

If you enjoy playing casual online games, you will be happy to know that the game developer Big Fish, now accepts Bitcoins as a form of payment for games and in-app purchases.

Play Big Fish Online Games With Bitcoins

Game developer Big Fish announced their partnership with Coinbase enabling players to pay for in-app purchases and online games with Bitcoins.

Making this announcement today, Big Fish confirmed that they have entered into a partnership with Coinbase which will provide their players with the flexibility to pay for the Big Fish Windows and Mac titles with Bitcoins.

Big Fish is recognized as the largest developer of casual games in the world and they have the widest selection of both online and mobile games.

Players can now use Bitcoins to purchase these games directly from the Big Fish website.

Coinbase is a leading Bitcoin platform who is responsible for managing over one million consumer wallets. This platform also works with over 25,000 merchants. The recent partnership between both companies marks Big Fish as the first gaming client for Coinbase.

Meanwhile, earlier this year, mobile game developer Zynga announced that they were conducting tests in order to decide if Bitcoins could be added as one of their payment methods. Players were able to purchase a selection of their games such as Hidden Chronicles and FarmVille 2, using Bitcoins as a form of payment.

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