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Former Boxing World Champion Antonio Tarver Arrested for Unpaid Gambling Debt

Former Boxing World Champion Antonio Tarver Arrested for Unpaid Gambling Debt

It seems that former boxing champion Antonio Tarver does not learn from past experiences. In 2009, Tarver was sued by two Las Vegas casinos for unpaid gambling debts. Tarver once borrowed $100k gambling marker from the MGM Grand Casino and only paid back $10k. The former boxing champion then borrowed $50k from the Bellagio and only paid back $5k.

After both casinos sued, Tarver, who is also known as ‘Magic Man’ settled both these debts two years later. But it seems the boxing champ has done it again and on Saturday, the 45-year old was arrested for not paying back a $200k gambling marker from the Wynn Casino which has been owed since 2012.

When Tarver was arrested in Florida, he was held in the Pinellas County Jail and was then released when Al Haymon paid his bail. It has also been reported that Haymon has settled the outstanding debit of $200k with the Wynn.

Tarver is now planning to make his boxing comeback and he is determined to become a heavyweight champion. This is quite ambitious since Tarver has only fought four times in five years and has already lost twice to Chad Dawson.

Hopefully Tarver can make his dreams a reality since he is recognized for being the only amateur boxer to have won the National Championships, the Pan Am Games as well as the World Championships all in the same year. Antonio Tarver also won a bronze medal at the Atlanta Olympics in 1996 as a light heavyweight.

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