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Sands Casino Announces Customers’ Personal Info Lifted

Sands Casino Announces Customers’ Personal Info Lifted

Identity Theft Hits Home for PA Casino Visitors

The incident reportedly occurred on the 10th of February, while news of the breach came only last week. The target of the security breach was the Las Vegas Sands casino in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. An exact number of customers and employees who were affected by the security breach remains to be discovered.

The corporation is working internally with the aid of identity theft company Experian to identify those players whose information was compromised. The FBI and U.S. Secret Service are investigating as well. Currently less than 1% of the casino’s visitor information is believed to have been stolen, but it is not known if the work of hackers has reached beyond the PA property.

The Las Vegas Sands website was the target of recent cyber-attacks in a row over comments made by current CEO Sheldon Adelson toward the US stance on the Iranian nuclear program. The site was forced into submission, recovering only two weeks ago as a scaled down version of its former self.

The Las Vegas Sands Corporation is one of the world’s largest in gaming, with properties in several US states, Macau and Singapore.

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