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Poker Could Be a Goldmine If US Plays Its Cards Right

Poker Could Be a Goldmine If US Plays Its Cards Right

Online Poker Findings in the United States Market

While American players are the dominant demographic for the online sport, playing poker for money has been a hot-button issue in the states. Currently only three states allow regulated gambling in online poker games, they are Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware. These states have enjoyed the benefits of taxable online poker events and licensing, and this could get the attention of other states to put pressure on lawmakers.

Dr. Kahlil Philander of University of Nevada, Las Vegas has conducted detailed research into the US online poker market to reveal promising findings.

Poker Could Be a Goldmine If US Plays Its Cards Right

Poker enjoys a massive following all over the globe, and while it is not quite there yet, the US could be the next big market to open up to the online sport.

According to Dr. Philander, if the market were suddenly open across the country, “the market would certainly be larger than the previous peak,” referring to the poker boom witnessed in the early to mid-2000’s, “which was sort of the post-UIGEA, but pre-Black Friday, era. If you go by PokerScout’s numbers, which are considered the best in the business… you could easily exceed that by quite a bit”
He predicted the market to be valued at over $2 billion, which could be a real boon to state governments as well as generate jobs in operation and regulation. This quote was however contingent on congress legalizing the practice country wide and for liquidity to be shared among all players.

Amid concerns of California, the US’s most populous state, forming an isolated online poker network, Dr. Philander responded, “They are a big enough state to where they could create a viable network on their own, but they would always benefit from allowing people in from other areas and other time zones to also participate.”

Despite its legality in most US states, it is clear US players will continue to be active in online poker games.

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