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Pastor Wins Cruise Ship Poker Tournament

Pastor Wins Cruise Ship Poker Tournament

Bill Dodson Jr. entered a Texas Hold’Em Poker Tournament on a Royal Cruise to the Caribbean. However, after qualifying for the final he experienced some heart problems and was unable to take part. That is when his brother-in-law Pastor Al Marks of the First Baptist Church in Vallejo stepped in.

Pastor Wins Cruise Ship Poker Tournament

A pastor stepped in for his brother-in-law in the final of a cruise ship poker tournament and surprised everyone by walking away with the prize.

Marks said, “He was going to have to forfeit his seat and all the money he had invested — unless he designated a family member to take his spot. That’s how I got involved.

I didn’t put in any money, but I would be playing his stake.”

Prior to the tournament the only Texas Hold’Em Marks had played was “a little game at the church to raise money to buy a goat and some chickens for a village in some remote place through World Vision.”

However, to the surprise of all, Marks went on to win the tournament. Throughout the game he folded more than he played and he never had a higher hand than two pair.

Luckily Marks brother-in-law is now doing fine and the two will be splitting the prize money between them.

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