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NJ Gamblers Switching to Regulated Sites

NJ Gamblers Switching to Regulated Sites

Research firm Commercial Intelligence has carried out a poll of online gamblers in New Jersey and found that players are moving towards regulated sites.

NJ Gamblers Switching to Regulated Sites

Since the introduction of legal online gambling in New Jersey gamblers have been switching to play at regulated sites.

The poll found that 35% of current gamblers only began playing online after online gambling was legalized in the state. Furthermore, it found that prior to the legislation 65% of players were gambling at unlicensed sites, but 35% of these have now moved to regulated sites.

The head of research at Commercial Intelligence, Geoffrey Dixon, said, “Of the online players that we researched just two weeks ago, 35% had only begun gaming online following New Jersey’s decision in November 2013. This level of take-up, coupled with the movement to approved sites, represents a compelling fiscal case study for states seeking to cut their budget deficits.”

Dixon went on to say that this trend will help increase tax revenues for the state. Furthermore, it is a positive sign for other states that are looking towards New Jersey before passing their own online gambling legislation.

The results of the poll were shared by Commercial Intelligence at the ICE Totally Gaming Exhibition in London last week.

OCA News Editor