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Party Poker NJ Restructures $50K Guaranteed

Party Poker NJ Restructures $50K Guaranteed

Towards the end of last year a Party Poker NJ representative asked the users of Two Plus Two Forums to give feedback on its $50k Guaranteed tournament. The feedback showed that the event would be more popular if it started earlier and had a slightly different structure.

Party Poker NJ Restructures $50K Guaranteed

After requesting player feedback, Party Poker NJ has restructured its $50K Guaranteed tournaments to the delight of its players.

Party Poker NJ announced a series of changes to the tournament soon after receiving the feedback. The changes meant that the tournament would begin at 5pm, have a guaranteed first prize of $10k and a better blind structure.
The new blind structure effectively made the event into a semi-turbo, deep-stacked tournament.

The response on the Two Plus Two Forums to the changes were immediate. One user said that removing 250/500, 600/1200 and others from the tournament is a tragedy as “that makes these blind jumps way to big in a crucial stage of the tournament.”

As a result Party Poker has reintroduced the mid-blind levels and a number of pre-ante blind levels were merged into a 25/50 level. This produced a far more positive response from players and 378 players took part in the first tournament. First place took home $13,300 and the runner-up received $9,355.

OCA News Editor