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20 Year Old Slot Machine Still Hasn’t Paid Out Jackpot

20 Year Old Slot Machine Still Hasn’t Paid Out Jackpot

At the Las Vegas MGM Grand Casino an extremely out of date slot machine has started to draw in massive crowds.

The game, The Lion’s Share, has not paid out a single jackpot in almost twenty years and is now drawing in crowds of gamblers who are sure it will pay out millions of dollars any day. It is the only game left from a collection of $1 progressive slots installed in the early 1990s.

Nevada law states that slot machines must pay out 75% of whatever is bet on them, this means that the machine will not be removed until someone wins the jackpot.

The MGM’s executive director of slots, Justin Andrews, said that the game is played more than any of the casino’s other 1,900 machines. There are even dedicated Facebook and Twitter accounts for the machine which keep real time track of the jackpot.

The jackpot is now at $2.3 million and there are rumors that whoever wins the jackpot will also be allowed to keep the machine. The machine is growing more famous every year and whoever wins the jackpot is sure to be the envy of thousands of gamblers.

(According to Fox News)

OCA News Editor