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Bonus Packed Month at Bet365

Bonus Packed Month at Bet365

Bet365 Casino is offering some fantastic specials this month ranging from free spins on the slots to the chance to win a daily cash escalator.

Bonus Packed Month at Bet365

Players at Bet365 this month can benefit from three fantastic value bonus promotions.

Slot players, in particular those who enjoy the Playtech Marvel Slot series, are in for a real treat this month.

On February 7th and 20th they have the chance to win up to 100 free spins on four fantastic Marvel slots games.

Players that make a deposit of £50 or more will be rewarded with 25 free spins on each game; all they have to do is bet £200 or more on the chosen game to start enjoying the free spins.

There is also something special for sports fans, on February 18th and 19th the Champions League knockout phase begins and Bet365 is offering a 30% bonus of up to £300 on both nights. Simply enter the code CHAMP when depositing £25 or more on the day of the knockouts.

Amazingly enough there’s more, Bet365 Games is offering players a 20% cashback through its Daily Cash Escalator from February 17th to March 2nd. Players can win up to £100 each day with cashbacks available at a better rate if you take part on consecutive days.

OCA News Editor