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France Launches Awareness Campaign About Unlicensed Operators

France Launches Awareness Campaign About Unlicensed Operators

France’s national gambling regulator, ARJEL, has launched an awareness campaign about illegal operators. The aim of the campaign is to raise public awareness of the risks of playing at unlicensed websites.

The campaign, which is being conducted across French radio stations, newspapers and the internet, is front-lined by the campaign “You have only to lose when you play on non-ARJEL regulated websites.” It is accompanied by an advert which shows men walking around naked having lost their clothes on illegal games.

In a statement ARJEL said, “It is crucial to make players aware of the risks they take when playing on non-regulated operators.” The regulator said that identity and bank data theft are among the main issue that players are facing by playing at non-licensed operators.

However, even if the campaign succeeds, it is not certain that it can help change the negative trend that facing France’s poker industry. The latest figures show that the industry is suffering from a decline comparable to the one hitting other European markets such as Spain and Italy.

Much of the blame is placed on the segregation of European player pools. However, the French parliament recently ruled against opening the market to European shared liquidity so the downwards trend looks set to continue.

OCA News Editor