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Dragonplay Ready to Launch Popeye Slots

Dragonplay Ready to Launch Popeye Slots

Dragonplay, in partnership with brand owner King Features Syndicate, is launching a Popeye-themed casino slots game called Popeye Slots. The game will soon be available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Facebook.

Dragonplay Ready to Launch Popeye Slots

Popeye Slots, based upon the popular cartoon, will soon be available for both desktop and mobile devices.

Dragonplay has already found success with its Slot City free-to-play social casino and the company is hoping to see similar results with its new game. Unsurprisingly Popeye Slots will feature the major characters from the cartoon, Popeye, Olive Oyl, Bluto, Wimpy and Swee’Pea. It will also include a mini-game where Popeye will collect flying spinach cans at the fair.

Sharon Tal, the founder and CEO of Dragonplay said, “We are proud to partner with King Features to provide players with an action-packed slots game that brings one of the most widely recognized cartoons to life in an all-new way.
The stunning hand-drawn animation of these classic Popeye characters gives this unique slot machine game stand-out style and endless entertainment.”

The licensing manager for the Popeye brand, Jarred Goro, expressed similar sentiments saying, “Popeye Slots is entertaining on so many levels, including a bonus game just for high scorers, so we know fans and newcomers alike will be pleased, no matter how they feel about spinach.”

OCA News Editor