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Spice Up the Super Bowl with Bingo

Spice Up the Super Bowl with Bingo

Super Bowl fans that are looking to make this year year’s game even more exciting should check out Super Bowl Bingo.

Spice Up the Super Bowl with Bingo

Playing Super Bowl Bingo will make the biggest game of the year even more exciting for those watching at home. has released a Super Bowl XLVIII Bingo board which features a collection of squares representing events that may or may not happen. The board can be downloaded from the site for fans to enjoy.

The squares include events such as “5+ mentions of the temperature”, “Man hit in balls commercial”, “Joke about power going out”, “Frigid Goodell” for NGL commissioner Roger Goodell and much more. isn’t the only place to come up with the game. Super Bowl fans can find a whole range of themed bingo boards available for download, there’s a great collection available at

Of course fans can also make their own bingo boards. Simply create a grid of squares (it’s up to you how many) and fill each square with a term, expression or number you think is likely to come up during the game. It is best if you create a master list and then randomly divide them up, that way no two cards will be the same. Then just cross them off as they come up during the game.

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