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Zynga Launches Facebook Real Money Poker App

Zynga Launches Facebook Real Money Poker App

The social gaming company Zynga has launched a real money poker app for Facebook which can currently be enjoyed by players based in the United Kingdom.

In April of last year Zynga entered the real money poker market with its Zynga Plus Poker Product which is run on the PartyPoker network. At the time, the company was hopefully that its massive player base would greatly increase PartyPoker’s traffic. Unfortunately this didn’t turn out to be the case and there was hardly any noticeable difference in player traffic.

In July 2013, Zynga cancelled its plan to enter the US market as a real money online poker provider. At the time the company said, “Zynga believes its biggest opportunity is to focus on free-to-play social games.”

However, the new Zynga Plus Poker app on Facebook suggests a change of heart from the company regarding real money poker. While the new app still uses the PartyPoker network, it is now fully integrated into Facebook so there is no need for players to download the Zynga Plus Poker client. Zynga is hoping that the full integration will result in higher player numbers; however, expectations aren’t as high as they were for the launch last year.

OCA News Editor