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Gamzio Enjoys Continued Success with Slots-O-Luck Adventure

Gamzio Enjoys Continued Success with Slots-O-Luck Adventure

The innovative social casino gaming company Gamzio Mobile has announced that its mobile slots game Slots-O-Luck Adventure is being enjoyed by players in 58 countries across the world.

Gamzio Enjoys Continued Success with Slots-O-Luck Adventure

Slots-O-Luck Adventure is enjoying success across the world and the company is hoping for similar success with its soon to be launched branded content.

The CEO of Gamzio, Jason Deiboldt, made the announcement and also said that in the coming weeks the company will be releasing details of its upcoming branded games which will feature popular characters and storylines from a number of famous books and films.

In a statement Deiboldt said, “Slots-O-Luck Adventure’s reviews on the app store, and excellent 1, 7, and 30-day retention rates, show that the game is well accepted by players worldwide, and is positioned for major success. Our up and coming branded content is sure to further enhance our current users’ experiences, while expanding awareness, and driving new users to the game.”

The company thinks that the game’s frequent upgrades and enhancements has helped retain players as it provides them with a truly unique mobile social casino experience. Thanks to this the company has maintained a 4.5 out of 5 star rating on the Apple App Store since the games launch.

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