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Full Tilt Launches Fastest Paced Poker Game Yet

Full Tilt Launches Fastest Paced Poker Game Yet

Last week Full Tilt Poker announced the launch of a new game, “Adrenaline Rush”, the latest version of its Rush Poker cash game format. The new game combines the fast-fold Rush Poker with short-handed tables and shallow chip stacks to offer the fastest-paced poker game so far.

Full Tilt Launches Fastest Paced Poker Game Yet

The new game, “Adrenaline Rush”, is the latest and fastest form of quick fold poker released by the site.

The games are all four-handed, betting is capped at 10 big blinds and buy-ins range from 5 to 10 big blinds. All betting takes place before the flop and most of the time players will only have the option to raise or fold.

The head of marketing at Full Tilt, Sarne Lightman, said, “Full Tilt Poker players love the thrill and excitement of fast-paced, quick-fold action, and Adrenaline Rush pushes the envelope on speed and excitement. The name reflects the kind of emotional state the game delivers; it’s even faster than our original Rush Poker so you can pack in even more hands per hour, win even more pots and play against an even larger number of players.”

In order to make the game even faster, there are also Raise Max and Quick Fold options. Quick Fold will take players straight to a new table while Raise Max will automatically put players in for the largest possible amount.

OCA News Editor