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Should Women’s Only Poker Tournaments Happen?

Should Women’s Only Poker Tournaments Happen?

A question that often arises in the poker world is whether women-only tournaments are good for the game. Ladies only events are becoming more popular, but the question remains whether they are really necessary.

Should Women’s Only Poker Tournaments Happen?

As more women’s only tournaments take place, more and more people are questioning whether they are really necessary.

Vanessa Selbst, a member of Team PokerStars Pro, believes that women-only games are a “great idea” and she says a lot of women tell her that they “came into the game strictly because of women’s tournaments.”

Her teammate Jake Cody agrees that if they bring more female players into the game then they are a good thing. However, he believes that there are so many good female players that the segregation is not necessary. Therefore if there are women-only tournaments then they should be with the aim to integrate women into mixed games.

Full Tilt Poker Eureka Ambassador Hana Soljan made her name in the poker world when she won the EPT Prague Women’s Event three years ago. She believes that women-only events are “very good for starters” and said that when she organizes them in Croatia there “were lots of ladies who came for the first time because they were afraid to play with men”.

So far only one woman, Barbara Enright, has reached the final table of the WSOP Main Event. Hopefully the women-only events will lead to more confident female players and the first female WSOP Main Event winner in the near future.

OCA News Editor