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Lucky Woman Hits Two Jackpots in Two Days

Lucky Woman Hits Two Jackpots in Two Days

A woman from Alabama has had a fantastic start to 2013 after winning two $90,000 jackpots in just two days.

Charlotte Moncrief from Anniston, Alabama won the first jackpot on New Year’s Day playing the Triple Diamond slot machine at the Pearl River Resort in Choctaw, Miss. The next day, January 2nd, she returned to resort’s Silver Star Hotel & Casino and chose a different Triple Diamond themed machine. Incredibly she once again hit a $90,000 jackpot.

Speaking about her first win Moncrief said, “There were a lot of jackpots going off, so I just decided to put $100 in a $100 machine. The first pull, I got $90,000. Isn’t that good!”

After winning twice Moncrief released a statement which read, “It was awesome and I was completely shocked. Until you hit a big jackpot like this, you never know how it is. I certainly never thought it would be me.”

Moncrief has said that she’ll be back to play more slots and try her luck once again and that she is considering buying a new car with her winnings.

OCA News Editor