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Music Legends or Gambling Legends

Music Legends or Gambling Legends

Gambling is enjoyed by people from all walks of life; however, some are lucky enough to be able to gamble away thousands of dollars without having to worry about the loss. In particular there are a number of music legends who are known to enjoy placing a bet (and in some cases going on to write songs about it).

Music Legends or Gambling Legends

There are a surprising number of celebrity musicians who are equally famous for their time spent in Las Vegas casinos.


The most famous musician known for gambling has to be Frank Sinatra. Sinatra enjoyed gambling so much he even owned his own Lake Tahoe Casino, the Cal Neva, which was always packed with celebrities in the 1960s and had a helicopter pad on the roof for easy access. For decades it was common to see Sinatra around Las Vegas enjoying himself at the casinos.


Cornell Haynes Jr

Cornell Haynes Jr., otherwise known as Nelly


A more modern example is rapper Cornell Haynes Jr., otherwise known as Nelly. In between selling millions of records, he has spent a considerable amount of time at the casino. At one point his manager accused him of blowing a significant part of his fortune in the casinos; however, Nelly has always denied this.


Gladys Knight

The queen of American soul and R&B


On the other hand, the queen of American soul and R&B Gladys Knight was forced to quit playing baccarat after she became addicted to the game. After performing countless shows in casinos Knight’s gambling was out of control and she began losing vast amounts of money before turning to Gamblers Anonymous for help.

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