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Nadal Beats Negreanu in Charity Poker Event

Nadal Beats Negreanu in Charity Poker Event

On the 12th of December Rafael Nadal, Daniel Negreanu and a number of other sporting legends took part in a charity tournament as part of the European Poker Tour’s stop in Prague.

Much to everyone’s surprise, it wasn’t Negreanu who won the game, but the Spanish tennis star Nadal. The game lasted over four hours and along the way Nadal defeated other players including Ronaldo, Andriy Shevchenko and skier Alberto Tomba.

Nadal Beats Negreanu in Charity Poker Event

Much to everyone’s surprise, Rafael Nadal managed to beat poker legend Daniel Negreanu at a charity event in Prague.

Nadal said, “If we talk about comparing tennis and poker, it is competition—to control your emotions and be focused all the time. So in my opinion, tennis and poker—take out the physical performance—there are a lot of similarities. You have to have self-control and wait for your moment. Luck is only a small part of this game.”

However, Negreanu is not convinced about Nadal’s skills, after the game he said, “He got 2 lucky hands [and] that’s the only reason why he beat me. I’m down and ready to go for a rematch! I’d win this time. Obviously. I’m supposed to win every time.”

Unfortunately for Nadal there was no time to enjoy the success, he was back on the court practicing at 9am the next day getting ready for the 2014 tennis season.

OCA News Editor