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Gambling Is As Good as Sex

Gambling Is As Good as Sex

It has long been known that men’s and women’s pleasure centers in the brain are different, however, a recent “neuroeconomics” study has found that the gambling and sex pleasure centers share the same location in both genders.

Gambling Is As Good as Sex

A recent study has found that men and women experience similar levels of pleasure from both gambling and sex.

The study found that taking risks with money and sexual arousal affect the same areas of the brain. In the study men who were aroused by being shown erotic pictures were found to gamble more recklessly than those shown frightening pictures of animals such as snakes and scorpions.

Furthermore, the research found that the pleasure center in the brain is stimulated with similar intensity by both money and sex. The study found that women in particular had more desire for sex after winning at any type of gambling and that both sexes reported having had better sexual experiences in casinos.

A second study found that men who are regular gamblers generally prefer gambling over being in the company of women. The regular gamblers were used to winning easy money which gave them greater pleasure than chasing women.

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