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Britney Spears Wows Fans in Las Vegas Opener

Britney Spears Wows Fans in Las Vegas Opener

Britney Spears’ long anticipated Las Vegas show has finally begun, it opened last Friday when she entertained a crowd of 4,500 keeping them dancing for about 90 minutes. The spectacular show includes all of Spears’ greatest hits, acrobatics, a ring of fire, confetti, a live band, rapid costume changes and a frequently airborne Spears.

Britney Spears Wows Fans in Las Vegas Opener

Britney Spears’ show “Piece of Me” has opened in Las Vegas and proved to be an instant hit with her fans.

The show is costing far more to put on that most casino residencies. The elaborate set features backup dancers in human-sized hamster wheels, somersaulting over Spears as she sings.

Spears will perform 50 shows during 2014 at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino and a further 50 in 2015.

The show may go a long way to help attract a younger generation of gamblers to the Strip. There are numerous references to the Spears of the 1990s and early 2000s including plaid shirts and the skin-tight sparkling bodysuit that Spears wore in the “Toxic” music video.

The show was a huge hit with fans, one, Maryn Harberg, 29, paid $139 for her ticket and came to Vegas for just one night to see the show. After the concert Harberg said, “I loved it. She was totally lip-syncing, but that’s what she does, she puts on a show.”

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