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Ryan Harris Attacks Crown Perth Casino in Drunken Tweet

Ryan Harris Attacks Crown Perth Casino in Drunken Tweet

Ryan Harris, the Australian pace-bowler, has apologized for his drunken rant on Twitter. The team was celebrating winning the Ashes at the Crown Perth casino; however, Harris was denied entry as security decided that he was too drunk.

Ryan Harris Attacks Crown Perth Casino in Drunken Tweet

The Australian bowler was denied entry to the casino while the team celebrated reclaiming the Ashes.

Harris immediately went to Twitter to attack the casino, while the message was quickly deleted it was still seen by his 37,000 followers. The message read, “A tip for all those heading to Perth! Avoid the casino! S*** hole can’t get in if you have had a drink #s***place #d***heads.”

The next morning Harris apologized for the message saying, “Obviously I made a silly mistake and I tweeted something I probably shouldn’t have. It was a silly thing to do – they let me in in the end, so they did the right thing. But they have their job and they were doing it. As I’ve heard many times before, don’t tweet when you’ve had a drink.”

Shane Watson, the organizer of the party at the casino, joked that the security had put up more of a fight than the England cricket team. He went on to say that, “There was no intention other than making the most of winning the Ashes back. You do have to make the most of those good times because they’re not always here.”

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