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Amazon Re-Launches “How to Play Poker” by Troy Smith

Amazon Re-Launches “How to Play Poker” by Troy Smith

The book “How to Play Poker” by Troy Smith has re-launched on Amazon. The book is aimed at beginners and is packed with easy to understand instructions and tips for aspiring poker player.

Amazon Re-Launches “How to Play Poker” by Troy Smith

The book is a complete guide for the beginner player and contains everything needed to get a head start in the game.

The book begins by introducing readers to the concept of the poker face. Smith explains that an essential skill when playing poker is that of “betraying your real emotions when holding your cards.”

This skill is essential as it allows one to conceal from other players the hand that was dealt.

Smith goes into detail about what kind of cards to use and how to deal properly before explaining that “The game of poker is deceptively simple yet it is so much fun to play because of the mind games and strategies involved.”

The book contains a clear guide to the different variations of poker and will help players understand the essential differences between them. There is also a lot of space dedicated to gameplay tips and how to gain the upper hand through reading body language and understanding how to statistically analyze a game.

The book contains everything a beginner player needs and it has already proven itself to be a fantastic starting point for anyone interested in the game.

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