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University of Warwick Keeps Producing Poker Stars

University of Warwick Keeps Producing Poker Stars

It has been noticed that a number of the world’s best poker players all have one thing in common; they were all members of Warwick Poker society at the University of Warwick.

University of Warwick Keeps Producing Poker Stars

A large proportion of the UK’s up and coming poker stars are all graduates of the Warwick Poker society.

Pokernews recently named former Warwick student Alex Millar as ‘Best of the British Isles, while EPT champion Rupert Elder is still an active member of the Warwick Poker society. The well-known online play Andrew Hulme was also a member of the society.

The society’s online discussion forum mentions a few other names of famous alumni including Nicolas Cardyn and Ashley Mason.

However, the members of the society seem to be unsure why it keeps producing so many great players.

The current president of the society, James Jose, said that the “poker community teaching each other and giving each other a hand are probably the major factors in [starting the careers of] a lot of professional poker players”. He believes that the society’s online discussions help new and advanced players as “alumni also take part in the discussion so [the society’s members] get tips from the pros”.

The society also holds regular talks from professional players, offers tuition to beginners and runs regular trips to casinos and other universities for tournaments.

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