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Eldorado Hotel Casino Host Ice Fantasy Spectacular

Eldorado Hotel Casino Host Ice Fantasy Spectacular

Over the coming holiday season guests at the Eldorado Hotel Casino can enjoy a spectacular “Ice Fantasy” show which has been specially put together by producer Jeb Rand for the venue.

Eldorado Hotel Casino Host Ice Fantasy Spectacular

Over the coming months guests at the casino can enjoy a unique dance show consisting of numerous world class acts.

Rand said, “There is nothing typical about this show. I wrote it for a unique venue and city where you have 6-year-olds and 96-year-olds in the audience, so I wanted to create an amazing experience for everyone.”

Almost everything about the show is original, the choreography, the costumes and much of the music. It incorporates talent from ten different countries to create a “big international spectacle of specialty acts”.

The curtains open to a white stage and an ensemble of figure skaters who glide, flip and twist their way through the show.

Rand explained that the choreographer Pasquale Camerlengo has taken all of the different acts and linked them to create a seamless show. Camerlengo represented Italy in the 1992 and 1998 Olympics as an ice dancer before going on to become the choreographer for numerous figure skaters who went on to win Olympic medals. Furthermore, in 2012 he was named Choreographer of the Year at the World Professional Skaters Conference.

OCA News Editor