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Woman Wins £240,000 from 20p Bet

Woman Wins £240,000 from 20p Bet

After a tough day at work at a horse stable, Olesia Kuzmychova decided to treat herself with a 20p online bet and ended up hitting the jackpot. Kuzmychova placed the bet on William Hill’s Leprechaun Luck Game and she certainly benefited from the luck of the Irish when her 20p bet turned into a £240,000 jackpot.

Woman Wins £240,000 from 20p Bet

Olesia Kuzmychova placed the bet after a hard day at work and was thrilled when she realized she’d hit the jackpot.

Since winning she has quit her £290 a week job and is planning on spending the money on her wedding to her ex-jockey boyfriend William Rovetti and a trip to visit her family in the Ukraine.

In an interview after the win Kuzmychova said “I came back from work at the stables and was feeling bored. I’d had a hard day and decided to have one 20 pence bet on the game. I never expected to win anything big. The next thing I know I hit the jackpot. I was shouting and jumping and screaming like crazy. This has completely changed my life. I wake in the morning and think it is a dream, then realise it is real.”

William Hill spokesperson Jem Maidment said, “We are thrilled for Olesia.”

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