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Casino Heists May Be Coming to GTA 5

Casino Heists May Be Coming to GTA 5

Since last week’s GTA 5 DLC (downloadable content) release Beach Bum, rumors have been flying about upcoming DLC packs after Rockstar announced that its Story Mode will be receiving an update.

Casino Heists May Be Coming to GTA 5

Rumors are flying that future DLC packs for GTA 5 will include casino heists thanks to a Story Mode update.

There are two particularly strong rumors, North Yanktown DLC and Casino Heists. The rumors surrounding North Yanktown at first sounded fairly feasible as one GTAForums mod, NGClan, claimed to have found secret data that hints to the development of the pack.

NGClan said that codes on the GTA 5 game can back him up. However, it is now thought that this is a hoax.

However, Casino Heists may be true and it may happen in a building near Vinewood Park where players will find a casino with an “Opening Soon” sign.

The casinos in GTA: San Andreas were fantastic and since Rockstar has announced an update, players are hoping that it means casino heists for GTA 5. There is speculation that the characters Trevor, Michael and Franklin will be able to work together as a team to rob or buy a casino, almost like the film ‘Ocean’s 11’.

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