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Zynga Launches New Games for Hit it Rich!

Zynga Launches New Games for Hit it Rich!

Zynga, one of the leading social casino operators, has updated its ‘Hit it Rich!’ app with a range of new titles developed by the company’s recently purchased Spooky Cool Labs social gaming studio.

The new games are based on the popular TV series ‘Sex and the City’ and ‘Duck Dynasty’ as well as the 1980s comedy horror character Elvira, Mistress of the Dark. The games significantly expand the range of branded content available through the App and add to the slot games based upon The Wizard of Oz and the Terminator which are already available.

Zynga Launches New Games for Hit it Rich!

Zynga has expanded the games available from Hit it Rich! with the launch of games based on popular TV shows such as Sex and the City.

The founder of Spooky Cool Labs and the chief game designer of Hit it Rich!, Joe Kaminkow, said about the launch, “Hit It Rich! is a new kind of online social casino experience that blends iconic entertainment with the excitement of slots game-play to deliver players the most fun and engaging casino games. … [It] is the first and only social casino game to provide a deep range of styles from branded to cartoon to fantastical to bring our players a new level of online slots gaming.”

OCA News Editor