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EA Sports Release First NBA Live 14 Gameplay Trailer

EA Sports Release First NBA Live 14 Gameplay Trailer

EA Sports has released the first gameplay trailer for NBA Live 14 which is set to launch alongside next-generation consoles.

EA Sports Release First NBA Live 14 Gameplay Trailer

Players have been given the first glimpse of gameplay in the upcoming NBA Live 14 and the new bounceTek technology.

The trailer gives fans a preview of gameplay footage; however, it mostly consists of close-up shots and alternate camera angles. Nonetheless, the trailer successfully shows off the bounceTek technology which was created for the game with point guards Deron Williams, Damion Lillard, Brandon Jennings and Derrick Rose showing off their dribbling skills.

Sean O’Brien, EA Sports executive producer, said, “The goal of bounceTek is to completely separate the ball from the animation in order to create a physics-driven dribbling mechanic where the ball is under the same physical forces seen in the NBA.
This mechanic will result in authentic responsiveness as opposed to rigged animations.”

Unfortunately though, while EA Sports has called this the first official gameplay trailer, it does not give gamers a real look at five-on-five gameplay so it is impossible to draw any real conclusions about the quality of gameplay.

NBA Live 14 is due to be released for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on November 19th. Any players who pre-order the game will receive seven premium packs for use in NBA Live 14 Ultimate Team Mode.

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