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Video Poker Tips and Tricks

Video Poker Tips and Tricks

If you enjoy playing video poker but don’t seem to be having much success, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are a few simple rules which can greatly help improve your chances.

Video Poker Tips and Tricks

If you feel like you’re not having much luck at video poker then learn these few simple rules to increase your success rate.

First of all you have to know when to hold. Always hold a royal flush, straight flush, four of a kind, full house, three of a kind, or two pair. If you are dealt three of a kind, hold the three and discard the remaining two cards, this gives you the chance to develop four of a kind or a full house. If you’re a dealt two pair, discard the fifth card for the chance of a full house.

It is only a good idea to break up a flush or a straight if you have four cards to a royal flush. For example, if you’re holding ace-king-queen-jack-9, all clubs, then discard the 9 to take a chance at the big payoff if you’re deal the 10 of clubs.
It still leaves the chance for a flush with any other club, a straight with any other 10, a pair of jacks or better with any ace, king, queen or jack.

These are just a few basic tips, there are many more strategies to learn, so don’t give up and keep studying the game.

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