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PES 2014 Fails to Match FIFA 14

PES 2014 Fails to Match FIFA 14

This week both FIFA 14 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 are going on sale and once again fuelling the debate over which is the greatest football simulation game. However, the previews for the game suggest that this is a fairly straightforward decision. FIFA is clearly better than last year’s in a number of ways while PES 2014 doesn’t seem to be anywhere near as good as last year’s.

PES 2014 Fails to Match FIFA 14

Despite a number of advertised improvements, it seems that FIFA 14 easily outclasses PES 2014.

Konami has put the emphasis on the ‘Fox Engine’ at the core of PES 2014 as well as other advances such as true ball motion, collision physics, gameplay momentum, improved animations and artificial intelligence and teamplay.

However, the game has a relatively small number of teams and leagues to choose from and has menus which looked better designed for PC.

Furthermore, the stadium graphics were poorly drawn and seemed more 2D than 3D. Close-up animations were good, however, the movement tended to be very jerky.

On the other hand the players did play more like real football players and the physics does seem to have had a good impact on collisions.

While FIFA 14 isn’t perfect, it certainly seems to be far superior to PES 2014, and with both games selling for the same price, it seems likely that FIFA will win the rating war.

OCA News Editor