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Chris Moorman Passes $10 Million in Online Winnings

Chris Moorman Passes $10 Million in Online Winnings

Chris Moorman, the UK poker pro who has been ranked the world’s top online player on 18 different occasions, has broken yet another record. Moorman recently announced that he has now won over $10 million in online poker tournaments, an impressive $3 million more than any of his rivals.

Chris Moorman Passes $10 Million in Online Winnings

Online poker player Chris Moorman has now won more than $10 million through online tournaments.

What makes this so impressive is that with the exception of a few tournaments, the majority of Moorman’s wins have been small sums. Moorman is not just a talented online player; he has won $2,962,569 from live tournaments despite having only actually won one live tournament.

It was Moorman’s recent win of $9,500 in a $215 buy-in tournament at Party Poker which took his winnings to the $10 million milestone. After the win Moorman said, “I’m glad to make the mark in style with a victory taking me over the line rather than a bunch of mini cashes.

Thanks for all the support and kind messages along the way, it feels great to finally get there. The last $50k felt so hard. Now it’s time to get to work on the next 10 million tomorrow.”

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