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The Truth About Slot Machines and Payback Percentage

The Truth About Slot Machines and Payback Percentage

There are many myths surrounding casino slot machines each with a varying degree of truth. One of the more common myths is that during busy periods, such as weekends, slot machines have their payback percentages lowered.

The Truth About Slot Machines and Payback Percentage

One of the most common casino myths is that casinos alter slot machine’s payback percentages during busy periods.

Luckily for gambling fans this particular myth is completely false. Each gaming machine has a built-in payback percentage which is set by the casino and then approved the local gaming commission. Therefore, even if a casino did want to change the percentage, they would first need to seek approval from the gaming commission.

However, it is physically possible to change the payback percentage by replacing the EPROM chip within the machine. Nonetheless, this is not a simple process and for a casino to carry it out unnoticed every weekend, along with the paper work required, would take a huge amount to and is exceedingly unpractical.

Some confusion always arises from the term “payback percentage”. If a machine has 90% payback, this means that if will payback 90% of the money over time, it doesn’t mean that if a player bets $100 they are guaranteed to receive $90 back. It could take months or even years for the full amount to be paid back.

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