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Goo Technologies Launches Plugin-Free 3D Casino

Goo Technologies Launches Plugin-Free 3D Casino

The Swedish HTML5 developer Goo Technologies has launched its first 3D online gambling site,

Goo Technologies Launches Plugin-Free 3D Casino is the first 3D online casino to be built using HTML5 to make it compatible with all devices.

The site is powered by Goo Technologies’ Goo Engine which is entirely HTML5 based and enables no download 3D-rich gaming content which simulates “a realistic casino experience for users.”

The idea of using HTML5 for the product is that it needs to be built just once and can then be enjoyed on any platform or device.

In the past HTML5 has been criticised for being slow, however, Goo Technologies has used WebGL technology to speed up performance.

Goo Technologies was founded about 18 months ago with the explicit aim of developing HTML5 casino sites, it is backed by Kaj Hel who holds a 70% stake in Rovio, the creator of Angry Birds.

Chairman of Goo Technologies, Marcus Krüger, said, “Our team is really proud of the results of our work with We feel the end result really showcases the robust graphics and smooth performance developers can achieve using Goo Engine. It’s a great testament to the power of HTML5 and I think it has serious ramifications not just for the igaming industry, but for other fields as well.”

OCA News Editor