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Gamers Anticipate GTA V Multiplayer Launch

Gamers Anticipate GTA V Multiplayer Launch

After the incredible hype surrounding the launch of GTA V, attention is now turning to the launch of the game’s multiplayer component on October 1st. This will allow gamers to interact with up to 32 players online.

Gamers Anticipate GTA V Multiplayer Launch

With just a few weeks to go until the launch of GTA V’s multiplayer component, players are already excited about the new features it brings.

The online environment is sure to add to the gaming experience, players will be able to form their own crews, complete missions, or simply explore but all the while interacting with friends. All the online crews will have a chain of command with leaders, commissioners, lieutenants and hired thugs. The crews can then compete in different modes such as Gang Wars and Team Deathmatch.

Furthermore, there are a number of online activities which can be enjoyed such as creating customised characters, robbing a shop with friends, car racing and even the option to play golf or tennis.

Players who enjoy missions will love discovering the different modes. For instance the Cops and Crooks mode features a number of side missions (such as making arrests for stolen vehicles). Alternatively each member of a multiplayer group could be assigned a different part in a robbery to improve the chances of making off with loads of money.

This is just a hint of all the fantastic options the online launch will bring and there are sure to be more amazing revelations as the launch gets closer.

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