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Who Are The Most Attractive Women Poker Pros?

Who Are The Most Attractive Women Poker Pros?

A debate popular with male poker players is over who is the sexiest female poker professional. There is a huge range of opinions and a number of lists with accompanying photo galleries can be found on the internet.

Who Are The Most Attractive Women Poker Pros?

There are numerous female poker players who never fail to catch their male counterparts eyes and not only because of their poker skills.

A popular option is Liv Boeree. Boeree is a British model and TV presenter who has over $2,050,000 in poker winnings; furthermore she has a degree from the University of Manchester in Astrophysics which has got to help her poker skills.

Another favourite is Beth Shak, Shak came second in the $3,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em event at the 2007 World Series of Poker and won $328,683.

Since then Shak has launched a women’s shoe website and actually owns 1,2000 pairs!

Fitness model Christina Lindley never fails to catch the eye and having come second win the 2009 Full Tilt Online Poker Series cashing out with $106,460 she is definitely worth watching at the poker table.

Of course no list would be complete without a mention of Lacey Jones. Jones was hired by ESPN as a model for a tournament and shocked everyone by reaching the final table. Her biggest win to date was at the 2006 WSOP where she won $9,000.

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