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Tom Alner Wins Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon

Tom Alner Wins Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon

Over the last few days the August 2013 Macau Poker cup Red Dragon Main Event has been taking place and finally the players have been whittled down from 645 to just 1, the UK’s Tom Alner was awarded the trophy and won HK$723,000.

Tom Alner Wins Macau Poker Cup Red Dragon

Tom Alner claimed the top spot and prize money of HK$723,000 after a tough final day’s play in the Red Dragon Main Event

At the beginning of the final day of play there were 21 players hoping to win. All of them were already in the money and guaranteed at least HK$41,200. One of the most popular players left in the field was Akira “Clutch Hero” Ohyama, in the end he was eliminated in 12th position by Jason Chong, however, he still went home with HK$63,000.

In the end the final table contained Joao Pedro de Castro, Victor Sheerman, Frank Maley, Shinichi Takenouchi, Brian Yip, Tom Alner, Jason Chong, Chuanya “Wilson” Fu and Thomas Ward.

In the end a four-handed deal was made between Alner, Chong, Fu and Sheerman. In the final hand of the tournament, just the second hand of heads-up play, Alner moved all in pre-flop with 7D and 7C against Chong’s QC and 10C. The flop produced the 9S, 8S and 7H and Alner won thanks to the AD on the turn and 2H on the river.

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