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AGA Turns to Hollywood for Support

AGA Turns to Hollywood for Support

The American Gaming Association is considering using the soon-to-be-released film about online poker, Runner Runner, to promote online poker regulation. The film is due to be released in October and it stars Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake.

AGA Turns to Hollywood for Support

The AGA is considering using the upcoming release of Runner Runner to promote the case for online poker regulation

The idea was raised by AGA president, Geoff Freeman. He sent an email to the board suggesting that the film can be used as a catalyst to promote the case for a regulated online poker market in the US.

In the email Freeman wrote, “The plot of  Runner Runner centers on illegal online poker and unscrupulous offshore operators, dramatically underscoring the risk American consumers face in a poorly-regulated market. The film underscores the AGA’s message to lawmakers about the urgent need for online poker regulations in the United States. ”

“The AGA will leverage the certain coverage this film will receive to raise awareness about the need for proper regulation of online gaming.”

While it is not thought that the use of the film will make any difference, most agree that it won’t do the cause any harm. Dave Behr of Bluff Magazine has labelled the idea as “unorthodox” but says that “nothing else has worked” so the AGA may as well try.

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